December 02, 2006
Oh Happy Day!
Team HOT won!

It was a dark and stormy night (no, seriously, it was dark and stormy. The rain literally fell sideways due to the wind)and team hot was down two players--one was reading in the Graduate Series, the other too inebriated to play. The yellow team took the field and the semi-final battle commenced. They put up a good fight, and scored first. But Team HOT wasn't going to merely lay down and die, oh no. We fought hard, scored a game-tying goal, thus necessitating a penalty kick shoot out. Our goalie held up under pressure, and we won the game with four penalty kicks to their three.

The final game was a little less climatic. The team we played was down a member, but still amazing players (rumor was a majority of them had played college ball). But they couldn't score on us, and we managed to eek on by them. So we're BSSC Champs!

In other news, remember this prediciment? There's this boy that I have a crush on, (cause, you know, I'm really a 15 year old at heart) and he was seeing this girl that I've become friends with. Well, no more! She went back to her ex-boyfriend, thus freeing up Mr. Harlequin Romance. Now, I'm a realist and I know that doesn't necessarily mean I have a snow ball chance in hell, BUT doesn't mean I'm not going to hope (and maybe even try). Besides, he's been kinda flirty as of late. Last night, for example,we walked part of the way home together and I was (drunkenly) blabbering about going out with my friend on Saturday and he said, "Well, you guys should give us a call and maybe we'll meet up with you."

So we shall see...

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