May 08, 2009
Is It Really Slacking If You Don't Have the Time?
So, it occurred to me today that this poor, poor, lonely little blog is neglected. Its like I'm some negligent mother who forgot her kid at karate practice, hopped a plane for Acapulco with a nagging feeling that she forgot to pack something but with the assurance she can buy it duty free when she gets there, only to realize four (or five) umbrella drinks into her vaca exactly what it is she forgot.


So here I am trying to think of some sexy story that I could tell to get this thing rollin' again.

Sexy story... sexy story... ah!

An opportunity (that I don't want to divulge just yet) has come across my proverbial desk. Which got me thinking about opportunities. Life, in a sense, is a series of opportunities. We're born, thus given the opportunity of life. We grow, experience an array of emotions and events, fall in and out of love, hate and forgive, mourn and rejoice. Certain milestones within our lives present other opportunities. An appreciation of learning presents a path to further and continued enlightenment--if the individual so chooses. Likewise, love leads to the possibility life long commitment or, conversely, a life of solitude--two diversely divergent possibilities born of the same opportunity. And so on, and so on, and so on.

The question then becomes, if these opportunities are floating out there, nebulous yet ripe for the taking, why do so many slip through our fingers? Why do we let factors like money, ties to places and people, and fear hold us back? Why don't we jump more often?

As I continue to ponder the possibility of this opportunity becoming a reality, I find myself running the numbers, fretting over the intricacies, reveling in the possibilities. I find myself standing at the edge of a precipice, and I am ready to jump.
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