December 18, 2007
I'll Be Better, I Promise
Ok... The term at The College is officially over. Which means I have more free time. To anyone who reads this (which I think is no one but whatever) I apologize for the inconsistency of posts. Or rather, the lack of post all together. I'm just not that exciting lately. However, I'm going to promise to TRY HARDER to post more frequently.

Today's thought to mull over... an acquaintance from grad school is about to publish her first book. I am equal parts happy and jealous. So happy for her because I'm 150% certain she's worked her butt off and that this book is so worth reading. So jealous because I could really use a break like that! I'll keep you posted about the status of her book just in case you want to support a starving artist....

I am attempting to find a new job. If you hear of any college jobs teaching freshman English and live in California, Georgia (specifically Savannah), or North Carolina, and want to toss them my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've had enough of this snow sh*t and would enjoy some place warm and within an hour of the beach so I can continue surfing.

Recently adopted two rats. One's nekkid and am worried that she has a tumor. I need to take her to the vet.

That's all I got for now. Off to Christmas about town...
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