May 25, 2008
Word Nerd Survey Results
  1. At what level would you describe yourself as a writer (for instance, just starting to take myself seriously; searching for a graduate program, etc.)? I'm a graduate of an MFA program seeking for motivation to keep writing with publication in mind.
  2. What genre(s) do you write? Fiction (both "literary" and "speculative"), non-fiction, and script/play. The current novel idea is a touch speculative around the edges (there is a ghost and some medium type/type powers involved).
  3. How do you fit writing into your life right now? I'm trying to find time. My job eats up a lot of hours, and I am decidedly NOT a morning person. Mid-morning is the best for me, so I try to spend an hour each morning writing and one to two hours in the evening.
    What is your goal for this project (June 1-Aug. 31)? My goal is multi-level and is as follows:
    *Revise 2 peices from my thesis and submit one by August 31
    *Finish an outline of the new novel idea by June 30th
    *Write a minimum of 500 words a day, five days a week (July and August)
  4. What steps do you plan to take to reach that goal? I've done some free-writing to get an idea of what the story is as well as some character sketching. I'd like to map out the chapters and story arcs before starting to write the actual chapters. I am currently using a screen writing technique (scene shot mapping) to flesh out chapters.
  5. How do you reward yourself (or how would you like to be rewarded) when you meet a goal? I shop, I knit, I treat myself to dinner, bottle of wine, movie tickets, etc. I'm not really picky... I like thoughtful items.
  6. What writing craft books do you have/like? Writing Shapely Fiction, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Hot Property (script writing), that Vivian Gornik book, On Writing, and few others I'm sure.
  7. Any craft books you’re interested in checking out? I'm sure there's a few! Any good suggestions?
  8. What inspires your writing? Real life stories, questions with impossible answers, sometimes music without words, things/people I see on the street, things I over hear/quotes, etc.
  9. How would your author’s blurb read? College instructor by day, frenetic writer and knitter by night, the author resides in Ithaca, NY. When not kow-towing to the every whim of her ever growing menagerie ( two cats, two fish, three rats and counting...), Tina day dreams of the perfect surfing vacation: warm, tropical beaches stretched as far as the eye can see; white sandy shores devoid of tourists; popping up to ride wave after perfect wave gracefully into the shore without falling ass over teakettle a single bloody time.
  10. Tell us about your family (partners, kids, pets, etc.) I'm blissfully single yet ruled by my two Siamese cats (Tai and Pretty Kitty) and my three ratlings (Sinead, Harriet, and Josie Roo).
  11. Have you ever participated in Nanowrimo (finished or not!)? Yes--and I totally punked out 2 weeks in because working three jobs while trying to finish a thesis and find a full time job kinda got in the way.
  12. What can you do to make it easier on yourself to meet your goal for this project? Create a schedule, with deadlines and stick to it. I thrive on deadlines.
  13. What are you looking for in terms of support from a writing partner (ex. Exchanging work for critique, being held accountable for meeting a word count goal, etc.)? I need a partner who is going to hold me accountable. If we make a deadline to exchange work, I need a partner who will push me to meet the deadline without being overly pushy. I also need a partner who isn't afraid to honest, or to receive an honest critique (I can be quite blunt, even though it is meant in the most loving and supportive way imaginable). I would like if my partner could be open to critiquing a few of my ideas (specifically revisions).
  14. What crafty pursuits do you enjoy when you’re not writing? I knit and doodle.
  15. What other hobbies/past times do you like? Sports, running, reading, movies, gardening, orchids, and recently I got into surfing (which is hard to do when you're landlocked and living the Northeast....)
  16. What non-writing-craft books have you enjoyed? I have Stitch n' Bitch. I like most knitting magazines (Vogue, Interweave, Knit1)
  17. What else would you like to share with us? I haven't been serious about my writing since I received my MFA. I was totally burned out post-thesis and until VERY recently felt like all my creativity was dead. That being said, I've been told I'm pretty funny.... and honest and open. So... if there's anything you want to know, just ask!

P.S. Please, no international writers (this time out). I'm on a limited budget :(


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May 22, 2008
For the Writerly Nerd Types
If you need some inspiration or, hell, just a swift kick in the pants to get the writing juices going, check out Word Nerd Co-Op. Its a three month commitment (so, the summer) and you're basically paired with someone who will act as your writing cheerleader. Your partner sends packages costing no more than $5 a pop and words of encouragement.

Not a bad idea... who doesn't like prezzies?


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May 07, 2008
New Hair Cut
I'm not sure I like this one yet... it might be too 90s (I get the stinkin' suspicion that its a little to "Rachel"). I'm working up the balls to go short... which I probably won't like. I do like how glossy and shiny my hair currently looks though...

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