November 17, 2006
See... I can do it.
In a crazy fit this morning, I went from 2941 (or there abouts) words to 3233. Go me!

Baby steps, people, baby steps.

I'd like to give a shout out to my co-teacher. Other grad students take How to Teach Freshman Writing class and sign-up with us adjuncts. They're supposed to take on increasing amounts of responsibility in the class, ultimately teaching a full class. My co-teacher definitely had a trial by fire today. The Little Darlings read Albert Memmi's essay "Racism and Opression," which lead to a very heated conversation. Shuchi, bless her heart, was able to keep everything under control, which--believe it or not--is an incredibly daunting task. Facing a classroom of 13 unique, if not angsty, personalties that really just want to argue a point to death (and loudly at that) and love to tell each other that they're wrong, is hard. Its hard to tell them that they need to be considerate of each other and that perhaps their own behavior is an example of exactly what we're talking about. And 18 year olds are so sure they've got the world figured, out so who the hell are you, teacher lady, to challenge my beliefs and tell me that perhaps I need to think outside the box???! So you go girl! (snap).

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