October 31, 2006
A Prediction, Prediciment, and Pet Peeve
BUT FIRST... I've got a (precious) few moments free of student papers, grades, readings, and homework (theirs and mine). And since my life is all about playing catch up these days...

Team HOT is currently 3-2-1. I feel as though we may be in good standing for the play-offs.

For Halloween, my sister, friend and I dressed up as the Deal or No Deal girls. It was a long drawn out process that involved four hours of shopping and getting lost in Somerville. When I have pictures, I'll post them.

Finished watching Firefly. Saddened that the networks let a good thing slip through their fingers. There aren't nearly enough quality sci-fi shows (on non-cable networks). The ones that are on, such as repeats of the original Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, and Farscape are on either late late night (i.e. 2:00 a.m.--I have many a sleepless night) or middle of the day Saturday when normal folks are out and about. *sigh* It's hard to be a geek these days...

NOW... on to our main feature.

I predict that in the next week or so, my body may shut down. Between kow-towing to the Little Darlings and trying to keep up with my own school work AND deciding to NaNoWriMo, I've not been sleeping. And I've recently acquired a body rocking sneeze which results in some unpleasantness in the general area of my head (including bloody noses... I know, eww). I've been eating right for once in my life, and I'm staying hydrated. I'd sleep more if there were enough hours in the day (see below), but currently that can't be helped. So we shall see...

Current predicament: there are not enough hours in the day for me to sleep, eat, do my homework, grade student papers, meet with students, attempt a social life (side note: current boy is very cute about scheduling time... he even lets me do homework at his house just cause he wants to hang out. Say it with me people... awwww!). I would kill for Bill Murray's life in Groundhog Day right now.

And finally... a pet peeve. Students who can't read. Seriously kids, I've given you two (let me repeat that) TWO copies of the syllabus and course outline. Want to know when something is due? Look on the syllabus. Want to know what paper requirements are? Look on the syllabus. Interested in what the school's attendance policy is? LOOK ON THE SYLLABUS. I am not you mother. This is not high school. It is college. College is hard work, and a lot of it. So quit b*tching and hop to!

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