October 16, 2006
Monday, Bloody Monday
I feel as though this blog has become an outlet for me to bitch about all the inane, mucked up things in my life. I promise to try and be more entertaining... starting tomorrow. Maybe.

So Monday's suck. Big time. This Monday is a sterling example.

For starters, my iPod froze. I got up at 6 a.m. this morning, which is not unusual for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday and plugged in the Pod before getting in the shower. It charged for about an hour and I "safely removed my hardware." I popped the buds in my ears and hit play and... nothing. I look at the screen and its all lit up, but the song title is stuck half-off the screen.

Then, I get into school, so I can make copies. Again, not unusual for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Usually I email a copy of whatever handout the Little Darlings will be working with for the day. So I log on, access my email, and download my file. Except, only half of the document pops up. We're talking 9 out of 15 pages. So now I've got to re-write 6 pages of comments. But wait, it gets better.

At this point, I'm running about 10 minutes behind schedule BUT I have enough time that if I really haul ass, I can make it to my 8:30 a.m. class. I decide to eat the cost of making copies and rather than make them on my department's photocopier, I'll just make them on the library photocopier.


They came out looking like some giant hand inside the machine had wadded them up. Now, I've got 10 minutes before class and I've got to haul my tushie over to my department's floor and make copies.

Long story short, I was 5 minutes late to class.

The middle part of the day went alright. If you count waiting an hour and a half at the Registry of Motor Vehicles to renew your car registration alright. And don't EVEN get me started on that story--suffice to say it involves a mis-communication with my insurance company and some strong words. All better now though.

So I'm out of the RMV by 4:30, which at this point I figure is great cause that gives me time to print out my homework--seven pages of response to the assigned readings--and get something to eat before class.

So once again, I log on, sign-in to my email, and download the file. Only, instead of seven pages of reading response goodness, up pops TWO PAGES. Yep, the computer ate my homework.

Anyways, I guess it doesn't matter cause in 45 minutes, Monday is officially over.

Effing Monday.

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