October 05, 2006
Thirteen Things I'm Doing Right Now (yes... I'm that good)

... so maybe the title is a misnomer. Maybe it should say something like "Thirteen On-Going Projects I'm in the Middle of and Have Been For the Past Year or So" or "Thirteen Random Things Racing Through My Mind." But whatever, it's my list and I and I can do what I want so there. So here goes...

  1. I'm working on a thesis. It's non-fiction and it's not going well. So don't ask.

  2. I'm trying not to move too much so as not to wake the Noodle. What is the Noodle, you ask? Why, the Noodle is the cutest most rambunctious little kitty kitty ever. Which is why when she stops moving and actually settles down and takes a nap, we Don't Disturb the Noodle.

  3. Watching T.V. It's Thursday. Thursday is a T.V. watching day.

  4. Typing... duh.

  5. Grading my little darlings papers. It's a scary, long, and involved process that's taken me all day. I wish it would end. Now. Please. For the LOVE OF GOD!

  6. Digesting the delightful dinner my sister made. Hamburger Helper RAWKS!

  7. Trying to remember the last time I watered my plants. They're green and healthy looking, but probably thirsty.

  8. Wondering what this furry, fuzzy, white ball is in the corner.

  9. Wondering, based on the aforementioned furry, fuzzy, white ball in the corner, when the last time I swiffered was. Probably a good indicator that it's time to do some cleaning.

  10. Considering the merits of actually getting up off the couch and getting a drink. Wondering if I can convince my sister to do it for me...

  11. Craving a pickle.

  12. Snuggling with the Tai Tai (I wuv my little snuggle bunny!).

  13. Wishing I had gone to the gym today. You know how if you get used to going to the gym, you body hurts if you don't go? Well, my body hurts. I blame it on the all day paper grading marathon that prohibited me from going to the gym. Stupid little darlings.

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