September 27, 2006
Thirteen Things I will NOT Be Doing Today...

Life has been super busy between the teaching, going to school, writing of thesis, grading student papers, writing comments on student papers, playing Friday Soccer (what up Team HOT!), occasionally sleeping only to get up way too early to do it all over again. So, as the title suggests, here is a list of Thirteen Things I will NOT be Doing Today... it's kinda my present to myself.

  1. I will not be waking up at the ass-crack of dawn. I will sleep as long as my cat allows me, and then I might just sleep some more.

  2. I will not have to shower, do my hair, apply make-up, and pick out clothes befitting a college instructor. Instead, I will lounge about all day in yoga pants and a scroungy tank-top.

  3. I will not be walking all day in painful yet stylish and pretty shoes. My feet will be blissfully bare.

  4. I will not be grading papers. In fact, I will not be doing anything class oriented. I am officially off for the weekend.

  5. I will not be doing homework. I do not have class next week, and should technically "get ahead." Aww phooey I say to getting ahead.

  6. I will not be eating food from a fast food food joint, Emerson Cafe, or Know Fat. Instead, I will indulge in a luxurious salad (hey, it's MY day off, I can eat whatever I want) topped with my favorite salad dressing and followed by some Vanilla Bean ice cream.

  7. I will not be sleeping on the couch anymore. My room will (finally) be cleaned and organized, and all boxes banished to the dumpster.

  8. I will not be neglecting my blog. All of Karmic Lollipop nation will be updated on the glorious status of my unglorious life.

  9. I will not be carrying around my first teaching paycheck anymore. It will luxuriate in a brand-spanking new bank account until such time that it can be of use.

  10. I will not neglect my Netflix any longer. Million Dollar Baby and disk four of season two of Carnivale will be viewed, enjoyed, inserted into their handy envelops and returned after three weeks of languishing on my TV stand.

  11. I will not neglect my bills. They will be paid and my contact info changed.

  12. I will not push my cat off my lap because he's nosing his way into the middle of my class work. Momma's little baby will get all the spankies and belly rubs he's been craving.

  13. I will not shun my running shoes, leaving them unused and collecting dust in a corner. They will learn the joy of feeling hard pavement slapping beneath their soles once again

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