September 05, 2006
Cat Gone Missing...
I am the WORST cat momma ever. I took my kitties home (to the rents house) for the extended weekend. Pretty Kitty, needless to say, was a bit traumatized by the whole ordeal. She spent most of the time under the futon in the spare bedroom, which was fine since we were camping the whole weekend. So everything should have been, and was alright...

Until we came home.

Until the dog barked.

It wasn't until half an hour or so later that we figured out that Pretty wasn't in the room I had shut her in. It wasn't until half an hour later that we realized that the screen in the window was popped out. Panic ensued. We searched the ENTIRE house looking for her, refusing to accept the fact that the cat had freaked out at the dog barking and busted out the screen window.

We looked every where. I cried profusely. And then we looked everywhere again with flashlights. My father, bless his soul, stayed out late and got up early to look for her. He spotted her this morning, but she ran. So he's set up train cameras to try and catch a picture of her in the woods. He's also investing in a live-trap to catch her with out hurting her. My mother, bless her soul, is posting flyers and putting out food for her.

I returned to Boston with out her. I feel so bad having done so, but I have no choice. My parents will continue to search for her.

Wish us luck.

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