August 25, 2006
I'm 27 years old (there, I said it) and I feel as though at this age I should have my act together.

Clearly, I don't.

Case in point: today I sit down and attempt to balance my check book. I had paid most my bills early in the month (responsible, right?) and wanted to make sure I had enough funds to cover a few lingering bills. According to the balance, and trust me--I had to look twice, I do not. What the HELL!?! How did this happen? I was being SO responsible, not going out, not buying any new summer clothes (which killed me... As I am clothed in last years fashions), not doing half the things I planned for this summer (i.e. visiting family, learning to surf) simply because I had a very tight budget that would cover all my expense for three months no more no less.

Clearly I erred somewhere.

Now, I've got a few bills hanging over my head threatening cancellation. I'm debating the merits (and shame) of asking my parents for a small loan to tide me over until mid-September.
posted by Tina at 1:14 PM
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