August 08, 2006
On Creating a Blog
So it seems that everyone and their mother's brother's uncle's aunt's cousin's neice's nephew has hopped onto the blogging band-wagon. It was getting kinda lonely out here in non-blog land so here I am!

So what to say... what to say... one would think that for one's very first blog you'd want something all POW! BANG! BOOM! that would just knock the socks off of every single voyeristic peeping Tom Dick and Jane out there in cyberspace but alas and alack, I have none. So here's hoping these posts get better (right? right??!!).

So what can you expect to find here? Musings... ramblings... rants... your general every day word vomit. So wish me luck!

Until next time....

posted by Tina at 4:36 PM
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