August 17, 2006
Reasons Why I am a Dork

1. I have two cats (hmm... this is becoming a reoccuring theme on my Thursday Thirteens).

2. I read Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

3. After seeing a certain movie about a certain great white shark, I believed said shark lived in my lake for an entire summer... I was 8.

4. I knit...

5. Hell, I sew too!

6. I spend more time obsessing over my tomato plants then I do my hair.

7. I don't understand how my iPod works (hey, in this day of technological advances, you've GOT to be a geek to not understand the latest and greatest gadget).

8. I love cheesy 80's music.

9. I call home at least three times a week (doesn't mean anyone answers, but hey, I still call) and I'm closer to 30 than 20...

10. Rather than spend a smester abroad in Europe, I opted for India.

11. I don't own a single stitch of Lilly Pulitzer... in fact, I occasionally shop at second hand stores.

12. I've been known to stay in on a Saterday night to read a book rather than go out.

13. I collect National Geographic magazines.

So there you go... I'm a bonafide geek.

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