August 15, 2006
Random Updates
Ok... so it's been a couple of days. Not that it really matters cause I have nothing to report... went to a party on Friday, met a boy, went out to dinner with him Monday. He's nice, in a preppy, I'm-24 kinda way. Does surf though, and I do want to learn how to do that...

So here are some ramblings about being unemployed. I quit my job in May for two reasons: 1. I wasn't promoted and 2. I just plain hated it. I figured, what the hell, I can get a job waitressing or something for the summer. Well, I didn't. And now the money's run out. Furthermore, being 20-something and unemployed sucks as every other 20-something I know works. So there's no one to hangout with. And did I mention the money ran out?
posted by Tina at 11:49 AM
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