August 10, 2006
All You'll Ever Need to Know

1. I am the oldest of three

2. Growing up, I wanted to become a veterinarian... until I came to my sense and decided to pursue the much more lucrative occupation of writer

3. I have two siamese cats, Tai and Pretty Kitty (I did not name her... hand to God!). This does NOT a crazy cat lady make...

4. My first car was a brown Seirra Cutlass Supreme that I bought from my grandparents for $200

5. Both my serious ex-boyfriends have/are relocating to Florida--perhaps this is the Gods above way of saying "Stay the hell out of Florida!"

6. I love horror movies, but not the gratuitous guts-n-gore kind of horror films. More like the scare-the-pants-off-you-and-make-you-think-about-the-state-of-the-world horror films

7. I am mildly obsessed with duvets... I own four completely different styles ranging from casual to frou-frou girly to neo-hippy

8. My favorite all time beverage is orange soda

9. I am a natural blond

10. I was a sorority girl (shh! Don't tell!)

11. My obsessions extend to plants, specifically succulents--I own three different jade plants, two aloe (I think), and this weird thing that just keeps getting taller

12. I have pencil lead permenantly embedded in three different spots on my body

13. I have never broken a bone or required stitches

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