August 23, 2006
Photo(s) of the Week
So I've mentioned my fur babies a few times, Tai and Pretty Kitty. Well, in case you were wondering, here are the little darlings. Tai is the seal point male (all Siamese--and yes, I'm aware he looks like an alien) and Pretty is the silver colored lynx point (which is just a fancy way of saying she's got a little tabby cat in her).

I will admit, I purchased Tai. Do I regret it? Never. He's my baby, he sleeps with me every night with his head on the pillow and he knows just how to cheer me up. He's got a voice, and some say a face, that only his momma could love but he's all personality! When he looks up at me with thos beautiful blue eyes and makes his squinty face, I fall in love all over again.

Pretty is my I'll-Make-It-Up-To-All-The-Homeless-Kitties-Of-The-World-By-Adopting-A-Problem-Cat cat. When she was rescued by the Siamese Rescue Organization, she was a complete mess: emaciated, wormy, and practically dead from a mammary gland infection. She took some time recuperating in North Carolina before a kind volunteer drove her all the way home to Massachusetts! She has severe trust issues hides at the smallest sound or most sudden movement. She will can not be picked up, will not sit on a lap or anywhere remotely next to a lap, nor will she snuggle. However, under her scaredy cat veneer, there is a complete love hiding full of purrs and head butts!

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