September 17, 2006
This teaching stuff is hard. Not hard in the "I can't do this" kind of way, cause I can and I am. In fact, I love my students (so far). They're smart, articulate, and willing to muddle through this first week with me. No sir, this teaching stuff is hard in a "god am I pooped" kind of way. I literally spent seven hours reading and responding to 14 four page papers. And then another two hours putting my class for tomorrow together.


Mentally and physically. I should be sleeping, as I have to get up at 6:3o a.m., and my finger hurts (Sunday Sports related injury--I jammed my right hand distal phalanx... it's turned a lovely shade of reddish purple), but I'm so exhausted I can't sleep.

And I still haven't done my for real home work...


But at the end of the day I have this incredibly satisfying sense of accomplishment. I've got this class that at least pretends that they're really into the class. And it's so neat to see them in that moment of "aha!" especially when they've made a connection between the texts we're reading or the texts and current issues.


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