September 07, 2006
Thirteen Things I Like About Myself

1. I am kind--excessively so. Some people would say it's a bad quality, always being the bleeding heart, but I think too few people care enough about other beings and the world we inhabit.

2. My legs... I run a lot and play Sunday Sports. Therefore, my legs don't jiggle.

3. I am level headed in a crisis. Sure, I may cry or panic, but not for long (what good is losing your head gonna do?).

4. My humor--it may be sarcastic, but it's always funny! And trust me, I can find the humor in everything.

5. My creativity. I write, I sew, I sketch, I day dream...

6. I am reliable. My friends and family know that they can count on me for anything.

7. My eyes... quite possibly my best feature.

8. That I embrace my uniqueness. Some people call me odd, I call me excentrically delightful.

9. My common sense (gotta give the rents props for this one). I am very careful about the decisions I make and implications of those decisions.

10. My stubborness. Some people would call this bullheadedness a character flaw. I call it the ability to know what I want and go about accomplishing it.

11. My fashion sense. It's good and it's my own.

12. My willingness to change. Not "change because someone wants me to" change, but change because it is good and necessary. Like when I hated my Aunt's Crispy Coleslaw Salad based on its looks alone--until I was convinced to try it! Woo wee! Change is good people, it is what keeps us young and alive.

13. My zest for life. I'm not afraid to try anything once and hope that I do! I may not always have the resources to accomplish a dream, but I still dream big and hold on to the hope they'll all come true! (My appologies for the cliched opptimism!)

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