September 22, 2006
Of Plants and Stuff
So I'm obsessed... completely and totally obsessed. My sister and I saw both a minirose bush and an orchid last time we went to Home Depot (like three weeks ago) and I have not been able to stop thinking about them. I'm DYING to get one of each. I simply must have them. I will perish without them. Litterally cease to exist. Must. Get. Plants.

In other plant news... my second job has these two GORGEOUS spider plants that I have surreptitously snipped little peices off (shh... don't tell). Currently, they're hiding in a dixie cup full of water under my desk. I plan to sneak them out under my jacket when I leave.

Was debating the merit of a third job. So not getting one... I barely have time to finish grading papers, prepping for class, doing my homework, working on my thesis let alone eatting and sleeping as it is. My first book better so make it big...
posted by Tina at 1:40 PM
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