September 19, 2006
Day Off? I Think Not.
My schedule currently looks like this:
  • Teach/work Monday Wednesday & Friday
  • Nothing on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Soccer on Friday
  • Sunday Sports on, well, Sunday
So initially I was thinking, "hell yeah! I can sleep in late on Tuesday and Thursdays, maybe go to the gym, do a little writing..."

No dice. I spent from roughly 11 a.m. today until about 9 p.m. tonight prepping for my class tomorrow. We're talking lesson planning, grading homework assignments, learning how to use the online grading component of WebCT, grading more assignments, more lesson planning... see a pattern here?

And did I accomplish anything I needed to, like sleep? Like thesis writing? Like gym time??!

The answer, my friends, is a big fat no.

posted by Tina at 9:30 PM
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