September 25, 2006
Five Things That Piss Me Off...
1. Students who sign-up for conferences, neglect to write down the time and place and don't show up.

2. Students who think that signing-up for a conference, neglecting to write down the time and place, and don't show AND don't think that it's going to adversely affect their grade.

3. Students who turn in rough drafts with errors that we've SPECIFICALLY discussed in class... such as proper MLA citation (i.e. text text text (author page #). It's in the book people, I've pointed it out to you a bazillion times (ok, well at least once a class)... get it right.

4. Students who ply me with excuses for poor writing such as "oh, I wrote that at 4 a.m" Buy a clue, people, don't tell your instructor that your crappy writing is a result of your poor time management.

5. People who pick their boogers on the T... it's just plain gross.

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