October 04, 2006
You Can't Always Get What You Want, But You Might Just Get What You Need
So there's this boy (isn't there always a boy?). He's all the Harlequin novel cliches that you can think of and then some. Here's the catch... so not interested. How do I know, you ask? Simple. He's had lots of opportunity but has not acted on any single one of them. Instead, he's managed to develop this thing for a girl on Team HOT.

Isn't there always another girl?

And I would love to hate her. I would love to despise her cute little person with every fiber of my being, except... she's totally nice. And totally cool. And I could totally be friends with.

But instead of moping about all depressed and stupid over a boy, I've decided that perhaps this is a sign from The Powers That Be that I need ot start concentrating on things other than the silly imaginings of a bubbleheaded girl.

Besides, I give them a week. Maybe two.
posted by Tina at 6:36 PM
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