October 02, 2006
Breaking News: Cat Found in Vacant Bedroom
If you remember, I lost my cat. It was very sad, and very tragic, and I was practically over it when...

My mom calls.

"Tina, I don't want to freak you out."

Ok... people, when you say the words "don't freak out," it's total liscense to freak. In fact, you're practically commanding that I freak out.

"But..." she continues, "I think we found Pretty Kitty."

Now, bear with me. My grandparents used to have this dog named Fluppy. He was this awesome and loyal little beagle mix that loved to take walks with his people. One day, Fluppy wanders off, which is no big, except this time he doesn't come back. He's gone for days and we kind of just figured that he had wander off to where ever it is old dogs wander off to die. About two weeks later we found him. He had been hit and flattened by a car.

"And I think she's in the house."


That's right folks, apparently the little darling has either been hiding out in the woods around my parents house and snuck back in through the open screen door or has been hiding out in the crawlspace in my parents room and eating the dog food when no one is home. Either way, she's now sequestered in my sister's vacant bedroom until such a time I can pick her up and bring her home.

Silly kitty!

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