October 08, 2006
How Easily I Become Addicted
So, instead of working on homework or grading papers or cleaning my room, I got hooked. Yes my friends, I am addicted and what I crave is...

The Forsyte Saga

Now when I in my freshman year of college I had this roommate who wasn't all that great. She used to do crazy creepy things like meet men online, stinky Canadian men I might add, and invite them to our room for extended amounts of time. And that was probably the least creepy activity she engaged in. But, she did introduce me to the wonders of BBC... and I'm talking beyond Monty Python. We would spend entire Sundays watching Pride and Prejudice, the Colin Firth version, for hours and hours and just become lost in the trials and tribulations of the Bennet sisters or BBC Shakespeare. *sigh*

Well, I'm addicted again. I turn on the T.V. tonight to see a handful of men and women in period piece clothing (I love me some bustles and crinoline!) whirling around on a marble dance floor. It's apparent that one man, played by the delightfully hot welsh actor Ioan Gruffordd, is in love with this stunning woman (ok, maybe not Angelina hot, but she is a British actress so we'll give her some modicum of credit) in a red dress and she of course is unattainable due to social mores of the day.

Ok, BBC, you've got me. I'm hooked. There is nothing hotter than unattainable love... which kinda makes me question if that's where I get my masochistic lusting after unattainable men (i.e. attached or gay) fetishistic tendancies. But I digress...

So now I've Netflixed the whole dang series and immediately moved it to the top of my list. *sigh* It can't get here fast enough.

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