October 13, 2006
Thirteen Reasons Why My Thursday Thirteen Picture Perfectly Describes How I Feel and Reasons Why I am Not to be F*cked With Today

1. Because my life is officially running 24 hours. Don't believe me? Notice what day of the week it is. Now notice that I'm JUST getting my Thursday Thirteen up.

2. Because teaching sucked this week. Tuesday was a Friday, and the Little Darlings acted like. In fact, they were so bad that I said, and I quote, "I'm sorry I'm wasting your time. Why don't you just leave?" with 20 minutes of class left. And then, AND THEN, there was today. They had to bring in 2 copies of their rough draft of essay two. Two kids were absent (at least one had the common courtesy to have a friend bring in his draft) and about half the class "forgot" and had to spend the first 20 minutes of class photocopying. That, and Tuesday, annoyed me enough that I yelled. Something to the effect of "I don't want to be a hardass. I hate being a hardass. But you guys have forced me to become a hardass. Re-read the syllabus. If you're not conducting yourself according to the guidelines set forth in the syllabus, you will be docked points."

3. I'm *kinda* seeing this boy. That's good! you say. Urm... no. I can't decide if I really like this guy or if I'm just settling because the boy I have a crush on isn't interested in me and I am just desperate for attention. In which case, I feel like a self-centered bitch. I don't like feeling like a bitch, it makes me feel bad about myself.

4. My sister, who I live with, might be mad at me and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I think that I'm not being considerate of her needs, after all I did beg her to move to Beantown. But other times I feel like she's acting like a little prima donna. Like when I clomp around in my heels in the early morning when she's still asleep. I'm sorry you spent all night on the phone with your boyfriend and have JUST gotten to sleep. That is NOT my problem so GET OVER IT. Or the fact that she's making me hold on to a Netflix I already watched because she wants to watch it and is taking her sweet time in doing so. I NEED my Saturday fix of new Netflix. Its how I keep passing the open windows when I'm grading papers. So please, watch the damn thing!

5. I didn't get to shower this morning. I know, eww. But I didn't have time. And for me, morning showers are like a cup of black coffee.

6. I didn't eat dinner last night and I didn't eat breakfast this morning. There are simply not enough hours in the day. Therefore, I am hungry and when I'm hungry, I get cranky. Very. Cranky.

7. My cat vomited on the floor. 'Nuf said.

8. I have a soccer game tonight and its cold. Which, again, makes me cranky. Very. Cranky.

9. I paid all my bills yesterday.

10. Because I paid all my bills, some of which were larger than anticipated (stupid cell phone) I didn't get to go shopping. And I really wanted to go shopping (I need new teaching clothes).

11. My car registration ran out. Which, in the process of renewal, illuminated the fact that my car insurance had been cancelled due to an error that wasn't fully mine. So now I've got to deal with that shit.

12. I haven't been sleeping well lately (partly due to a small she-beast of a cat that lives in our apartment, partly because I'm stressed). Combine that with #5 and a snarky cranky Tina it does make.

13. I had to submit my piece for my Memoir class workshop this week. I was compelled to write a narrative about the aftermath of a high school classmates suicide. It just brought up a lot of icky memories that've suck with me all week and made me feel weepy. I hate feeling weepy.

So there you go. It's Friday, but who the hell cares.

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