October 19, 2006
Thirteen Things I Might Be for Halloween

I love Halloween. It is, by far, my favorite holiday. Granted, these days it's less of an excuse to eat candy and more of an excuse to dress as slutty as possible and get as drunk as possible, but I still love it! So here are some of my ideas for this year (I'm lacking in imagination these days so if anyone has a creative idea, please share!).

  1. Referee
  2. Go-go Dancer
  3. Witch
  4. Fairy/Tinkerbell
  5. Fairytale Princess
  6. Pirate
  7. Comicbook Heroine (I'm thinking Super Girl since she was blond)
  8. Starlett (Marilyn Monroe or Veroinica Lake)
  9. Rosie the Riviter
  10. Barvarian Bar Maid
  11. Alice in Wonderland
  12. Zombie (I've never used fake blood...)
  13. Cave Woman

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