November 13, 2006
Temporarily Disconnected
This little ditty just proves how technology dependant we (I) are (am).

I was at one of the school computer labs, tip-typing away on a computer. I had my phone on vibrate next to the computer, just in case one of my non-existant friends decided to call (what, my imaginary friends have cell phones too!). I finished typing, printed out my paper, packed up my stuff and left for class.

Class is humming along at a nice clip, I'm participating and wracking up major points with my thesis advisor, Richard Hoffman, when it comes time to take a break. I reach into my bag for my cell phone (remember, I have friends. No really, I do!) only, no cell phone. I frantically search my entire bag, literally turning it inside out. No dice. I search the floor, my jacket pockets, my pants pockets (which are clearly empty). No dice.

I'm starting to panic. My friend Lisa offers to call my phone, thinking perhaps I just misplaced it. So we call. It rings and rings and rings... with no answer.

Now, all this has taken place in the span of roughly five, maybe eight minutes. I am PANICKING. I mean full out cold sweat panic. My entire social life is contained on that phone. Without it, I am truly the shut-in I have come to perceive myself to be. Without that phone, how am I supposed to know if my friends want to hang out? Oh. My. GOD. I'm going die alone, friendless, and no one will even know...

Ring! Lisa hands me the phone... it's me.

Apparently, long story short, I left my phone in the computer lab, Lisa (who coincidentally is there working on the same assignment I was) found it and gave it to the lab tech, who in turn gave it to campus security. They were kind enough to call back Lisa/me and inform me that they had my beloved connection to the outside world.

Crisis averted.

Now about those friends...

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