November 07, 2006
Trying... Hand to God!
So I'm a little bit behind in NaNoWriMo... and by little I mean I've only managed to write 1485 (see the fancy widget to the side--really, I'm get quiet good at this manipulating my blog template stuff!). Right now, its like the NaNo word count (a mere 50,000) is a great dane and I'm a flea. But I'm trying! I've mapped out a general plot (some would call this an outline) and I've long-hand written a few scenes. So now it's all aobut the typing and what not!

In other news, the Little Darlings have turned in the rough draft of essay three. Today, I'm attempting to slog through thirteen papers on the environment. At some point, I need to decide what books I need/want to order for my Wp121: Research Writing class. So far I've picked out Neuromancer by William Gibson (my topic is Virtual Realities, Virtual Bodies: Technology and Identity). I haven't had time to read over other books, that's this weekend I guess since I've got three days free and the class proposal is due November 17th-ish.

Where the heck does time go??!!

Noodle is being SO CUTE right now! She's curled up in front of the computer--we call this her cybercat position. She likes to sit on my lap when I'm typing and watch the images on the screen move around. Sometimes she'll try to bat at them. She's truly a cat of the 21st century!

I don't think I've mentioned the Noodle before. She's a orphaned kitten that my sister, a Vet Tech, brought home one day. Kim is raising her until Thanksgiving at which time Noodle will go to her permanent home Mom's house. I adore kittens, but can't wait until she's a cat. She spends a large portion of her waking hours torment Tai, climbing up things (like my pants), biting things (like my toes and fingers), and waking me up (ESPECIALLY if it's 4 a.m.).

Noodle Sleeping

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