November 16, 2006
Thirteen Reasons Why, Despite My Previous Post, I REFUSE to Give Up on My NaNaWriMo Novel

Ok... so I just can't do it. I can't throw in the towel. And here's why:

  1. Because, gosh dang it, I AM NOT A QUITTER!

  2. I can't resist a challenge.

  3. It's fantasy--which I've never written but read a lot.

  4. I really like my characters.

  5. It's about a young woman with powers who must escape the clutches of an ambitious queen and save not only herself but the kingdom. Only, she's lost her memory and can't remember that she has powers, how to use them, or even who she is!

  6. Which is why she travels in the company of three travelers. One of them finds her memoryless washed up on the shore, and the others, through varied methods, join our rescuer and his damp maiden in distress in their quest. Though, and this is one of the things I'm struggling with, they don't realize that it's a quest at the beginning.

  7. One of my characters, named Arrow, is a spunky archer lady who knows her way around the woods. She refuses to let the impromptu band of outlaws that she is part of relegate her to the role of woman--no cooking, serving or cleaning-up after for this one!

  8. There's a Prince traveling in disguise. He takes on the persona and name of a hired sword, Hilt (for now).

  9. There's a love story, but not between the people you think!

  10. There's a tattooed man. He's some how connected to the young woman mentioned in #5, yet he is one of the queens loyal retainers.

  11. Because I've been lazy about writing, and that's not right and it's not me. So I feel like my laziness is no excuse to not keep truckin' through this thing.

  12. Because I realized that even if I don't make it to 50,000 words, at least I'll have a huge head start on something!

  13. Did I mention I'm not a quitter?

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