November 19, 2006
A Little Sad
Today I realized, as the Noodle sits asleep on my shoulder making biscuits in her sleep, that my days with her are numbered. In three short days, my sister and I pack up the car and drive six and a half hours to Mom and Dad's, returning on Sunday without the Noodle. I wonder sometimes if the Noodle knows that her days with us are numbered, she's been really loving lately, all purrs and headbutts and chin nuzzles. She's been a little more sedate, less running around and bouncing off the walls and more snuggling. I know she's going to a good home (hello, it's my Mom) but that selfish little part of me really wants to keep her for myself. She's dreaming now, a mewling a little in her sleep. I wonder if she knows it breaks my heart.

Of course, I've been sitting in my apartment, shades drawn, watching The Last Unicorn. I think I must have watched this animated movie about 100 times when I was a kid, and every time, without fail, it made me mopey and moody for the rest of the day. It's the story of the last unicorn that sets out on a quest to save the others from King Haggard. During the course of the movie, she becomes a human (a neat trick of magic wrought by Shmendrick the magician) in order to escape the Red Bull. She meets and falls in love with Lir, King Haggard's son. Unicorns aren't supposed to regret or feel love, but in the end, she does.

I'm not doing it justice. It's incredibly sad. I think the only animated movie that affected me more as a kid was Watership Down, which is about a bunch of rabbits.

Whatever. Just watch it.

Edit to add: and the hits ust keep on rolling in. Just finished watching Moulin Rouge. What IS it with Sad Movie Day? I suppose if they ("they" being whomever makes decisions about what gets put on Sunday T.V.) want to make me cry, they'll show Swing Kids or Hotel Rwanda (see this post) or some other equally emotional yet ultimately uplifting piece of cinematic delectability.

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