November 29, 2006
No Rest for the Weary
Am starting to feel like I can never get ahead. Just as I finish one thing, say my Memoir homework, and start to feel as though I may possibly be able to kick back, watch some TV and maybe go to bed before 3 a.m., some other damn thing pops up, like a required re-write of my WP121 proposal.

Am I being punished for something?

Great-grandmother is in the hospital--fell and broke her hip, is better now--and when she initially got there, she was hallucinating. To her I say, right there with you Gramma, right there with you. Only it isn't a bump on the noggin that's doing it to me, it's extreme exhaustion, hunger, and quiet possibly the suicide of brain cells.

Help... me....
posted by Tina at 3:44 PM
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