November 24, 2006
And I Heave a Big Sigh
I love long weekends for the simple fact that they allow me to catch up. Case in point: my WP121 course proposal. I just finished it and sent it off to my boss. I think I picked a unique and sexy (sexy=interesting, you pervs) topic: Virtual Realities, Virtual Bodies--Identity and Technology. Spring Semester Little Darlings will be reading William Gibson's Neuromancer as one primary text and looking at the role of Molly vs. Case in terms of gender studies theory text (probably something on gender as performance and Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" which is all about how technology will empower women) for one essay, probably movie for the second essay--either Blade Runner, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, or James Whale's Frankenstein and look at construction of the other in relation to self for the second essay. I'm a tiny bit psyched to teach it now!

I've been doing some more thinking on what I'm going to do after I graduate grad school. I really want to teach on the college level so I think I'm going to have to get a doctorate. And I think I'd really like a doctorate in both film studies and literature. I think it would be amazing to teach a combined film/lit class based in sci-fi. Now THAT is a class I'd like to take!

Back to spending time with the fam...

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