November 30, 2006
Thirteen Things About Team HOT

Team HOT, by sheer determination, has made it to the semifinal/final round of games. We have a double header (hopefully!) this Friday. We're quite an eclectic group...
  1. There are five girls and six boys on the team.

  2. We have a Team Mix, Bringing The HOTness, that we listen to to get pumped up.

  3. Each team member has a song on the mix, mine is "Eye of the Tiger."

  4. The Team Song is Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." (I have no clue why).

  5. We are mildly superstitious. We must listen to the same songs, in the same order, on the way to the field every Friday. One of our team members must attempt and un-purposefully miss a warm-up goal... the one time she didn't we lost. We must stand, huddled together, hands in the middle, jumping up and down chanting "Since you've been gone!" no matter how silly it looks before every game.

  6. Seven members of the team played soccer in high school or college.

  7. Four members of team hot have found love (or at least lust) on the playing field.

  8. Another two are suspected to have hooked up.

  9. I prefer to play defense. Running around in the front of the field trying to score a goal is too stressful.

  10. Each of us has a goal celebration with our team captain. I have yet to use mine (nor do I think I'll ever get the chance).

  11. We have a Team Mom. She brings us cupcakes and juice boxes. We also have fans, their called HOTties.

  12. Our Team Captain is going to make a great daddy some day. He's got an uncanny sense of fairness--making sure even the bad players (that's me) get a fair amount of time on the field--brings water and snacks when Team Mom can't make it, and tries to find something positive to congratulate everyone on post-game. He's awesome.

  13. We always go to the same bar post game--Our House--because they have $2 Brubakers.

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