December 01, 2006
Really, at Heart, I AM a 15-Year-Old Girl...
I think my brain cells are rebelling against the end of the semester, committing suicide even. And as they die by the hundred--nee, THOUSANDS--I am reduced a blushing 15 year old girl. And a geeky one at that--probably one that has braces and glasses.

I've become, after watching ONE EPISODE, obsessed with Supernatural. More specifically, I have become obsessed with Jensen Ackles. I remember him as Eric Brady (Sami Brady's good twin brother) from the soap opera Days of Our Lives and I remember thinking that this muscular-yet-gawky kid was good looking, but just eh.

Apparently he's been eating his Wheaties and drinkin' his milk cause it does a body good! I mean seriously, look at him. I think it's the angsty broodiness of his character that gets me--it always gets me (i.e. Angel and Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ). Plus, he's so sensitive... well, ok, his CHARACTER is so sensitive. Seriously, if guys really want to know what women want, put down the Cosmo and watch the TV. We want Clark Kent, we want McDreamy (and sometimes even McSteamy), we want the Winchester Brothers, hell, we Uncle Jesse in his new ER role!

The show, Supernatural, is actually pretty damn good. I don't foresee it winning any awards anytime soon (or maybe at all, as most sci-fi/horror shows--see the aforementioned BtVS--don't receive recognition of that sort) but it's got some pretty complex themes it address aside from the good vs. evil thing. Like family--the brothers are chasing after all these bads because one killed their mother, and I gather, girlfriend. It's about search for identity--the younger brother shunned his family legacy (demon hunting) for a college education but now realizes that might not work. And, from what I gathered, it's been dealing with issues of grief (I won't tell you why, watch it yourself!). So good show... hope it lasts!

But back to why I'm a 15 year old, and in defense of the 15 year old in all of us. I think it's good to day dream and fantasize. It allows us a mental escape from the humdrum of pedestrian life. It used to be the novel (and hopefully, for sake of my livelihood, will continue to be so), then silent movies, then talkies, and eventually TV. I'll admit it, I love TV. I don't get to watch a lot, I'm too busy, but I have a designated TV day. I need a designated TV day. I need something that I can do that doesn't involve school, work, or any sort of stress. I need to escape from my reality, which sucks some of the time, and by gum, if that non-reality includes a pretty face, hunky body and pseudo-emotions, I'm all for it.

Plus, I acknowledge in real life, I will never be Mrs. Jensen Ackles (seriously) but it doesn't mean I can't doodle his name on all my notebooks.

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