December 10, 2006
The On-Going Saga
So Team HOT when to Good Times--perhaps the most awesome place in all of MA--in Somerville last night and had a blast. Laser tag, go cart racing, games, drinks... the whole nine yards. More interestingly, I observed some odd human behaviour.

So Team HOT had two impromptu couples that formed during the season, we'll call them Kenny and Kara, and Elliot and Dara. Both relationships disintegrated by the last game. Kara went back to her ex-boyfriend, and Dara felt that Elliot was getting too serious. Now, let it be known I adore both of these girls. They're friends of mine.

I watched as Kara continued to flirt with Kenny, touching his arm, giggling, feeding him fries. Dara was a little less flirty, but I think that had more to do with the fact that Elliot avoided her all night (they had an interesting break-up--Dara got too drunk to play in our last game and proceeded to drunkenly flirt with anything with a penis. Elliot decided he wanted none of that and broke up with her the next day). Both the boys were more fun than they've been in awhile, actually hanging out with the rest of us. Admittedly, I like the attention that comes from hanging with the boys so... yeah.

At the very end of the night, Kara pulled Kenny aside and asked, "Are we cool?" She placed a hand on his arm, looking up at him all cute and beseechingly.

Kenny looks at her, looks at the hand on his arm and pulls away. "Yeah, we're cool," he says.

"Good," says Kara, flashing him a big smile that I'm sure melted his heart to begin with. "Cause when you get back from _______I'm going to hound you to hang out." And she walks away.

Now, Kara and I were talking later and she confesses that she hasn't told anyone that she and her ex are back together and she kind of likes the attention that she gets from the boys because they think she's still single. I thought this equally odd and unfair. I do not think that it's fair that she is, sorta, hoping that Kenny will continue to moon after her. Girls like this frustrate the shit out of me. Some of us are capable of hanging out with the opposite sex and not trying to make them lust after us. Some of us actually have really close friends that are the opposite sex and know how these kind of people, like Kara and to a lesser degree Dara, can really fuck with a person's head and heart. It's not fair. It makes me just want to smack their heads up against a brick wall.

Later, as Kenny, a few friends of ours and I walked towards the car someone brought up what Kara had said. Kenny was like "It's bullshit if she thinks I'm going to hang out with her like we did before. She made her choice." So at least he knows what's going on.

In other news... the boy that I have a crush on continues to be super cute. We walked home from Sunday Sports together today and had a real conversation. I think this is less to do with the fact that I have a crush on him (and secretly hope that he has one on me) and more with the fact that we've played on the same soccer team, we've taken a class together, and watched football together. *sigh* I have a feeling I've relegated myself to the role of girl (space) friend. But whatever. If this stupid crush thing means that I end up with a good friend out of the whole (imagined) drama, then I'm happier for it.

Still... I bet he's a great kisser.

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