December 07, 2006
Glorious Do Nothing Thursday
I think its incredibly important to have a day to yourself. Not a day that you spend catching up on all the little stupid things that haven't gotten done cause life got in the way. Oh no. Just a Do Nothing Day. It lets our brains and bodies breathe... or vegetate if that's the case. And I think vegetating is good too... why must everything always be "go, go, go?" Why is it that we spend 99% of our lives always trying to get ahead and not just enjoying the here and now? Why wait until we're old and gray and life and opportunity has passed us by and all we can do is sit and say "Only if..."

But I digress. More than likely, all I'm trying to do is justify the fact that I am lazy and I spent a large portion of my day on my ass, "vegetating" because it's what my brain/body does when given the opportunity... but I digress.

Today was that day. I slept in, did FUN reading, (re)hung Christmas lights (what? I think they're pretty and they were bugging me because they didn't fit around the windowsill correctly. So I have anal-retentive tendencies--sue me), watched some crap T.V. and am taking a shower and heading out with some friends to celebrate their thesis defenses. Added bonus: the guy I'm crushing on will most likely be there! (blush)


He waited for me after class the other day. Boo-ya! It was kinda sweet. He was so ready to leave before I was, but kinda dawdled, walked slowly down the hall, hands in pockets, until I caught up. Now, because I do have the mindset of a fifteen year old girl (see this post) I'm probably making one of those proverbial mountains out of a mole-hill but whatever dude. Even if it is nothing more than a harmless crush, its a crush on a person that I'll still be friends with when it's faded. So there.

*Sigh* I love today.

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