March 30, 2008
Things I'm Really, REALLY Looking Forward To...
Term two at the Job is ending in two blissfully short (but not short enough) weeks. *Sigh* I can not wait. I feel like I'm burnt out, but rationally, after two years of teaching, I don't think I can be burnt out.... can I? I've blogged about this before, about how I think the Little Darlings at my current job are kind of... sub par, for lack of a better word. And I wonder if the antipathy of my students combined with the overwhelming amount of work that I have yet to complete (and no time to complete) is just getting to me... or what. So, needless to say, I am very much so looking forward to the term ending and having 10 wonderfully school free days all to myself. In that time I'm hoping to:
  1. Finish Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and start Simulacra, both Phillip K. Dick books.
  2. Write... God I hope I get to write! I've had this idea bouncing around the inside of my skull and aside from a few hastily jotted notes I've nothing to show for it...
  3. Finish the new rat cage. It needs shelves and a house.
  4. Go outside and enjoy the freakin' sun. Sometimes I can see it from my very high, very tiny basement, er... terrace level window in my office but just barely...

God, I can't wait.

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