January 09, 2008
Things that Piss Me Off Rant
Ok... so I hold no love for the college that I work for. It breed mediocrity. I mean, who has the right to tell an instructor that they can not give more than 2 A's per class? And, if a third A is given, will deny a student that A EVEN IF THEY'VE EARNED IT? What kind of writing class focuses on reading vs. writing? What kind of place doesn't let the instructors have ANY AUTONOMY WHAT SO EVER concerning the decisions made for their class? What kind of place encourages instructors to break laws and nark on their students to deans of the college? Oh yeah, the place I work for.

My latest rant about this place concerns the fact that I can not sign students into my class. My class is not full, I *technically* have two spots open in one class, and could make another student fit into the other if need be. I, like most college instructors, do not relish the full class. In fact, I am the scariest b*tch possible the first week so as to get the little darlings pissing down their legs and, hopefully, fleeing in fear of their lives. That said, I have three students from last semester who want back into my class.

But I can't sign them in. My BOSS has to. Furthermore, my boss claims that they can't do it until Monday... which puts them a week BEHIND all the other students. IF they're able to sign-in at all. So then I'll have to play catch up with them, which sucks balls big time.

I know my limits. I had 39 students last semester. 37 this semester is not going to break me.

Let my people go....

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