August 03, 2007
Its Good To Be Wanted
Interview with Local College in Central NY went well. The campus is beautiful, the program is ambitious with room to grow as an instructor. Got offered the job the very next day.

The pay is lousy.

Am wondering if I can accept this job, move home, and still save money. And I still want to move south for awhile. It calls to me.

Am interviewing for another job today, here in Beantown. We'll see what happens.

Interview went well. 99.5% sure that I will be offered the job. Which makes this decision all the harder. Stay in Boston, work my tail off, earn some extra cash OR move home where I feel like I'm needed but not make as much money (i.e. maybe break even). Work at two colleges in kinda meh programs, or work in one really amazing program for less pay?

posted by Tina at 1:01 PM
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