July 25, 2007
When It Rains, It Pours
Let me tell you. For a long time I've been trying to get out of Boston. I've been here for, what, 6 years now and find it absolutlely... blah. It is NOT a city that I would want to put down roots in, most espeicially because it is not cost affordable. For example, rent for a two-bedroom apartment around here ranges from $1500 to $2600... which is just ridiculous. And has totally prompted me to start saving for house.

In order to do so, I have decided to work three jobs next school year. So far, we're looking at teaching at a Local College (two classes, three days a week, with 2 hours of office hours), working at a Major Bookstore (two-three days a week, including the weekend), and working as an office monkey (three days a week). I'm also toying with the idea of getting a second teaching job and cutting out the office monkey job.

Awhile back, I was desperate to get out of Dodge and get back to my hometown. As a result, I applied to a plethora of schools within a 40 minute driving radius. One school in particular looked hopeful until I didn't hear back from them for weeks and weeks DESPITE a follow up email and phone call. I wrote them off as yet another place that wasn't going to hire me.

Until today.

Apparently, they want to interview me. And they want to do so next week. Which is crazy, as this particular school starts back up mid-August. Which would give me a week to wrap everything up here in Boston, pack and move. Whew! Assuming, I get the job of course.

In the mean time, I have already submitted a work schedule change at the Major Bookstore and applied to the second teaching job. Which means I potentially have a lot of options, with a lot of decisions, all at once. Do I take the pay cut for a positoin with more responsibililty? Do I move home with mom (which kind of negates the pay cut stress as I won't have rent)? What about friends? Do I even stress about this yet, as I haven't gotten an offer?

Which is TOTALLY stressing me out. Completly.

And I still want to move to Savannah.

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