June 19, 2007
On Work Environments
So... I currently *work* (sorta...) three jobs. Or at least I will once school starts up in the fall. I work as an office manager (aka glorified lackey), a bookseller, and (in case you missed it) a college instructor. Three very different working environments will three very different amounts of pay.

Job #1: Local College Instructor
I love this job. It feeds into my obsessive compulsive nature as well as my controlling tendencies. I mean, seriously, what could be better for a controlling obsessive compulsive than to have 12-18 teenagers under her power? I am the ultimate authority, the Queen of my Domain, all hail the Queen. Plus, no obnoxious co-workers.

Job #2: Glorified Office Monkey
I detest this job. I hate that I am not in control. I hate that the annoying marketing department can give me projects to do. Mostly these projects consist of sh*t that is too tedious for them to bother themselves with. If it involves spending more than five minutes looking something up on line, it falls under that nebulous category of "other" on my job description. Most of the time all I do is send FedEx, sort mail, answer the phone (which is usually the wrong number), and order supplies. Woopie.

Job #3: Book Jockey at a Local Bookstore
I like this job. I like the people I work with. They're a varied group of people with varied interests who love books. I've started to develop favorites, who are becoming friends. The customers are kinda meh, but we power through that. Mostly I like the perks... 33% off all purchases. Good thing I bought a new bookshelf.

The job I hate pays the most. The job(s) I love pay the least. I wish I could own and work in a bookstore while teaching as an associate professor. Then I'd be happy, making money, and my own boss with summers off. I could take vacations! God I miss vacations.

Speaking of... I'm *supposed* to go to Vegas with a good college friend in August. However, said friend is considering the merits of buying a condo in Florida, even though said friend is going to NYC next year for grad school. Am trying to be psyched for friend but really would like a vacation. I haven't had a vacation for like two years, and that vaca doesn't even count cause it was more of a "save my mental health" situation as I was broken hearted over a long term relationship disintegration. I needed to be physically far, far away from the source of my heartache. So yeah, I NEED this vacation.

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