June 13, 2007
The Dark Side
I am *attempting* to switch over to the new version of Blogger. Here's hoping it works!

Edit to Add
Ok... so what I know about blogging and html and all that crap, I've pretty much taught myself. I consider myself pretty intelligent and competent when it comes to all things internets. Yet... no. I WANT to switch over to the new version of Blogger, but don't want to lose my template. I like my template. It's calming and soothing and just goes with the theme of karma. But it's not compatible with the new version of Blogger. And I'm too lazy to spend the next couple of hours trying to figure out how to fix it so that it is compatible. I'd much rather wait for the designer to do that. But I want to use new Blogger... PHOOEY!

Also... am trying to figure out this labels thing that Blogger has now. Are they Technorati tags? Are they just a nifty way for Blogger to organize your posts? Whats the deal? Do I need both Technorati tags and Blogger labels? Any thoughts? Bueller?...Bueller?

I'm also trying to increase traffic to my blog. If anyone out there has any friendly advice, feel free to jump in. I want to keep this blog light and funny and personable, but I also want visitor. Love me, damnit!

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