May 15, 2007
I'm Published... sort of.
I've been writing over on The Hathor Legacy for about a month now. The Hathor Legacy is a feminist blog that focuses on media (mostly T.V., movies and books). My "handle" is Tinapickles (long story for another post) and I write for the T.V. and book portions of the blog. I've reviewed two books (Neuromancer by William Gibson and Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy) and a few movies/T.V. shows. The blog, and its various authors, attempt to look at how women are portrayed and analyze the affect of the patriarchy.

I love this shit. Women, no matter how "liberated" and "equal" we think we are, just aren't. And I love that there is a space filled with other intelligent like minded women to discuss these issues. I like that we can disagree, and can "argue" intelligently, and that no one judges anyone else. It's comforting.

So... published. Sort of.

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