April 21, 2007
I May Watch Too Much Obscure T.V./Movies
Pumpkin, a little known movie starring Christina Ricci is on T.V. right now. I watched this movie shortly after it came out (in 2002). It's quirky, sweet, and dark. A popular sorority girl becomes involved with a mentally and physically challenged boy; personal growth ensues.

It occurred to me, as the story starts to unfold that this face (this face being the guy face) is incredibly familiar yet I can't figure out why:

Which is very familiar to the face of Emory Dick, resident geek on the little known T.V. show Popular. I loved this show when it was on. The story of two girls from different social groups thrown together by their parents' marriage, this show touched on much, much more than just being popular or unpopular. Bulimia, teen cancer, death, weight issues, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian rights, these topics just scratch the surface of what this show was about. Unfortunately, it only had a two year run and most people don't even remember it.

Yet, there is Hank Harris on these two obscure shows, thus proving that I watch not only little known shows, but watch too many shows. I really need to get out more.

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