March 14, 2007
It's a Mad, Mad World...
Well... March Madness is upon us. I've got a bracket up on ESPN with a bunch of grad school buddies/Team HOTT budies--mostly boys who think they're all sporty athletic and that a mere slip of a girl such as myself would never have a clue about anything that involves referees, jocks and various size and shape balls.

I've picked Florida to win. This was an interesting process that involved a little bit of selecting top ranked teams, debating whether or not a teams mascot could beat the snot out of another team's mascot if they were forced into Thunderdome (two mascots enter, one mascot leaves--see what I did there? Get it? Get it? If not, you need to watch Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome so I don't feel like such a tool), and a little bit of insider info provided by the boys at job #2. So here's hoping the Gator's win, and that my picks were solid and that I wrack up a lot of points and bragging rights.

Go Gators!

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