February 08, 2007
My Grandmother is...
The absolute cutest. I count myself incredibly lucky to have one and a half sets of grandparents left. A lot of people are not fortunate enough to have a set of people that dote on and care for them as much as mine do, as well as a set of people that embody as much knowledge and life experience. But back to the point...

My grandmother has been making me a new afghan--the old one had holes in it and was colors that didn't match anything I own--and finally finished it. She sent it via snail mail and it arrived a week ago. Along with it, she sent a cake pan and angel food cake mix for my sister's birthday cause that's her favorite kind. Note: My sister's birthday isn't until early April.

More perplexing, she sent a seed package of lettuce mix.

Naturally, it being the middle of winter with no sign of spring in sight, I was confused. And naturally, this confusion necessitated a call to the Grams for clarification.

Apparently, my delightful, wonderful, sweet Grandmother is convinced that the price of lettuce will sky rocket in the next couple of months. Why and how, you ask? She saw something on the Weather Channel that was talking about all the bizarre weather we've had in the past year, its link to global warming, and effects that it is going to have on the farming community. My Grandmother interpreted this to mean that my favorite category of food (salad--not lettuce, sillies!) is in danger of becoming outrageously expensive. Thus, the lettuce. I've been instructed to plant it on my windowsill and wait and see.

So far, I've got two little sprouts...

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