January 20, 2007
If Someone Could Please Explain
Please, for the love of GOD, explain men to me? I know I've been posting a lot lately about men and my men woes, and most likely am starting to sound like a angsty teen girl, but seriously. Why do men leave? Why do men feel the need to conceal? Why do mean leave bizarre, un-decipherable text messages such as this:
Not myself lately, lots going on! U know I will never turn my back on you. But I need to think things through where I am right now! And the thoughts of you will only cloud my judgement right now more than it may be! Hopefully you understand. Please give me time, I promise to call when appropriate.
Ummm... dude, I called to say hi to a friend (ok, ex-first love, but seriously we're friends now!) and that's all.

Seriously. I'm starting to wonder if indeed women are more sane than we're given credit for. Yeah, we're all clingy and need emotional reassurance but in light of unfolding events pertaining to the men in my life lately, we are, BY FAR, more stable then they are.

And at least we know how to use a phone. I mean, for the love of GOD, why do boys prefer text messages and some form of IM? I'm starting to suspect that they are all incapable of communication on any level. And that they may be cowards at heart. I'm seriously, why can't the boy from Texas (which don't EVEN get me started) pick up a phone? And maybe, just maybe, I am a little anxious about this guy--we had a bizarre talk, no excuse me, IM, where he asked where "this" was going and I replied, I don't know, you're in TX, to which he replied I guess its just for fun and we'll see. And that was when we were IMing every day. Now, I'm lucky if he IMs.

Seriously. And lets not forget my Ex who was all gun-ho for me to come visit until I confronted him via email (cause I'm a pussy--shut up) about the girlfriend he forgot to tell me about. He couldn't disappear faster.

And now, SERIOUSLY, this weirdo text message from ex-first-love. WTF, man? Has the sun flipped around on its axis, the moon drifted to close to the Earth? Did they all take their crazy pills at once?


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