January 18, 2007
Catching Up
A lot has happened since the New Year, some not so good (which I will not talk about here) and some good. The following musings are, well, exactly that.

My ex (long story made short: we lived together. I loved him, he cheated, we tried being friends, didn't really work, but tried again anyways, he moved to Florida) recently acquired a girlfriend and for some strange reason, it made me incredibly sad. Now, let me qualify this by saying that when it comes to matters of the heart and love, I may be f*cked up--seriously and irreversibly f*cked up. For example, this ex and I did not part on the best of terms, yet when I found out he had a new girlfriend, I immediately felt sad and wished we had never broken up. I KNOW he's not good for me, nor (in all fairness) am I good for him. Nor do I still love him--he/we said and did too many evil things to each other to actually possess that feeling. Yet, here I am, knowing he's moved on and is probably in love with some girl that isn't me. Dunno... maybe some small vain part of myself wanted him to pine away for me forever and always...

In other boy news...the boy from Texas that I met over Christmas Break has been MIA for two days. I'm giving him three before I cut my losses and run. Yeah right, who am I kidding? I'm most likely going to continue to obsess and potentially become bitter. Bitter's such a lovely shade on me these days.

School started up on Wednesday. I'm not taking any classes this semester (woot woot!) but am teaching and (insert ominous music) writing my thesis. So far, though, so good. The Little Darlings II are quite rambunctious and talkative, and a very diverse group. The (insert ominous music here) thesis is coming along swimingly. Now, if I could only find a job for next year! I'm thinking Savannah GA for three reasons:
  1. Its different, I've never lived in the South. I think I would make a good displaced Southern Yankee.
  2. The combo of new and, more importantly, old buildings apeals to the closet historian and romantic in me. For serious, what is more romantic than an old plantation house draped in Spanish moss?
  3. I've been obsessed with Savannah since reading John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I love this book with its drag queens, eccentric characters, and murder mystery. I have read it no less than 10 times.

So if anyone knows of a college that's hiring, please let me know!

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