January 26, 2007
Seriously... Some Ramblings and Rumblings From the Futon in My Living Room
I think I am now, officially, being ignored by the boy from Texas. It has been three days and I have NOT initiated conversation--which, by the way, STILL consists of nothing more than IMs--and he has neglected to dignify my existence with a mere hello. At this point, I'm realizing I should just cut my losses and give up. Besides, it might have been weird anyways seeing that he is the older brother of my baby sister's boyfriend (that's right folks, keepin' it all in the family).

In other news, one of the blogs I read just reviewed Battlestar Gallactica. I'm VERY excited for this series. As the blogger points out, it was rated one of the 10 best shows on T.V. last year and its got a bit more depth than Star Trek, which I adored as a kid. I have yet to watch any of the episodes, but I'll keep you updated. I want to try and find a way to work this into my WP121 class really, really badly. Hell, I wish I could skip this whole teaching freshman comp crap and teach a Sci-Fi Literature/Movie class. *sigh* If only

Tonight is a low key night. My sister and I bought two bottles of wine, currently have four DVDs (including the aforementioned Battlestar) and ordered Thai food. Its going to be a nice relaxing night. The cats are being uber cute--PK's on her tree, her back end hanging out of her hidey hole, and Tai is busy dreaming in his sleep. He does the cutest thing where he opens and shuts his mouth, like he's noshing on nummies (aka wet food) and occasionally emits these little growls and grunts. Its quite endearing. If the damn camera was working, I'd take pictures.

We've got The Illusionist to watch tonight. I didn't hear of this movie, but its got Ed Norton in it. And I would have Ed Norton's babies. I'll let you know how it turns out.

That is all.

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