February 08, 2007
Netflix Strikes Back (aka Return of the Bad Juju)
So I sent bad juju to Netflix in this post. Apparently, they sent it back to me.

I recieved Disc 3 of Battlestar Galatica (Season 1) in the mail today, did the same stupid hopping, pig-squeal dance (no hot neighbor this time to witness my dorkiness) ran upstairs, fired up the DVD player and the Blue Screen of Death popped up with this lovely message: No Disc.

What the...?

I open and shut the DVD player, fire it up again and.... Blue Screen of Death: No Disc


I open the DVD player, take the disc out thinking that its dirty and....

And just so you can clearly see the damage that the Gods of Netflix have wroght on my Battlestar Galatica viewing delightfulness:

posted by Tina at 10:46 PM
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